If you’ve read this far something you’ve seen touched you to the point of considering trying this amazing technique yourself.

My research into, and development of my work takes place with attention to what is going on inside me, to my desire to learn, experiment and create, with one eye on the outside to try and reproduce the beauty of the world that surrounds us and to preserve, safeguard and respect our Earth, one single organism. I want to kindle the spark of the dream of a green transition moving towards slow fashion rather than consumerist disposable fashion, where you buy less, but better…..

There is a sense to everything around my work, the materials I use are of the highest quality and 100% natural, I produce many of the dyes from tinctorial plants in my garden, and the printing technique is a natural, organic, ecological and sustainable process which does not use chemicals that are harmful for us and the environment.

I have come to love eco-printing passionately, for me it represents a deep and intimate connection which has bought me to see the world from a different perspective, finding in Nature, which is my teacher, a great source of inspiration. I grew up in Tuscany and have always loved to walk in the woods in search of wild asparagus, mushrooms and truffles or collect rocks from the river and shells from the seashore. I am lucky to live in the countryside, to be able to cultivate my tinctorial garden, living with the rhythm of the weather and the seasons, waiting for a particular flower because I know it will produce amazing dyes or trying a new one which might print in surprising new ways. I love to spend time outdoors collecting plants (always making sure not to uproot them) place them on the fabrics and roll them up to be steamed. Then there is a moment of waiting, sometimes you need a little patience, and then the excitement of opening the still steaming fabrics to see what mother nature’s amazing gifts are this time round. It’s a magical, unique and mysterious process that you can get addicted to.

I am grateful for this technique, not just because I express myself through it, and it provides me with a deep connection with nature, but also because thanks to this I have met people with whom I resonate! Are you curious? I look forward to meeting you. Let’s start a wonderful journey together…

You can choose between a basic course to learn the technique and then be able to eco-print independently, or a workshop where I can spend a day with you and your friends printing a personalized garment together with plants that you choose, and make a unique and inimitable present.