You’re only given a little spark of madness and if you lose that, you’re nothing. (Robin Williams)

Home Decor

The technique of eco-printing is great for interior decoration. On this website you can see examples of cushions, tablecloths, table-runners, curtains, art and wall hangings.

All my work is unique and made of silk, cotton and linen. Although the ideas behind the pieces spring from the same place, I can make personally tailored pieces, ordering what you like best in the measures that you choose!


The garments that I eco-print are unique: shirts and dresses made of 100% cotton or linen with a variety of techniques from monochromatic effects to the use of plant dyes. I make long and short kimonos to order as well as other custom made items.

Fashion Accessories

I eco-print bags, belts, foulard and scarves out of silk, cotton, linen and virgin wool, mixed wool/silk or even new ecological textiles like mixed eucalyptus/wool.

My silk or wool scarves are made using new declination of natural dyeing. Eco-print is an artistic alchemical process that involves all four elements: water for dyeing, earth for providing natural materials such as leaves and flowers, fire to infuse power to the dyes, and air that envelops everything and dries the dyed fabric for you to admire in all its delicate beauty. Every single scarf is a one of a kind masterpiece.

Contact me to choose from a wide range of articles in the materials and colours that you prefer, made to measure.

The choice of plants and natural dyes…


Eco-printing is an ancient, natural and artistic process for the dying and decoration of fabrics without the use of artificial dyes or harmful chemicals. With this technique one can reproduce the shapes and colours of things in nature, leaves, flowers, seeds and bark amongst others on fabrics. The fabrics are tightly bundled with the objects and then boiled or steamed according to the result desired



The choice of fabrics (cotton, wool, linen or silk) is an ecological choice because they are all 100% natural. The preparation of these, called mordanting is a process which makes fabrics more receptive to colour and printing after they have been washed. There are various mordanting techniques and here too one must be sensitive in disposing of wastewater in the right way, I prefer to use up products entirely so as to waste as little as possible.

About me

My name is Cristina and I live in Italy.

Art, nature, ecology, beauty, creativity, craftsmanship and spirituality are all principles that are a part of my life, the path that I try to walk every day. When I started learning about botanical printing in 2018 I found that it strongly resonated with me, with these values, expressed through manual work, something that I have always loved.

Besides the techniques, which I learned in various courses, (two in particular: the first where I learnt the basics and which aroused my enthusiasm was taught by a very talented eco-printer Grazia Bambino; the second, online, was taught by the famous international artist Irit Dulman) , taste is required to make the finished product a true, unique work of art.

I live in the Tuscan countryside and everything around me is a source of inspiration. Ever since I was a child I have always loved to observe and explore the world that surrounds me, go walking in the forest, or collect rocks from riverbeds or seashells at the seaside. Now I have fallen in love with this art form which allows me to express myself in harmony with other forms of creation!