The basic course in eco-printing will provide you with all the skills and knowledge to be able to start eco-printing independently and includes the following:

– Mordanting of plant fibres (cotton, linen, hemp etc.)

– Mordanting of animal fibres (wool, silk)

– Study the most common tinctorial plants and reading list

– Preparation of two natural dyes

– Positioning of the plants, bundling and tying

– Steaming and printing

– Neutral and coloured cover printing techniques

– Opening of the fabrics and analysis of them

– Washing and drying

The course runs for 2 days from 10am to 4pm (approximately). On request it can also be compressed into one day or start and finish at different times.

Maximum number of participants 3

Materials provided: plants, tinctorial plants, extracts, substances for mordanting

Things students have to bring:

  1. apron
  2. secateurs
  3. notepad
  4. Two old king size cotton sheets, well washed (see below)
  5. long rubber gloves
  6. four 40×140/150 cm, well washed fabric samples: 1) one samples of pure wool 2) one samples of pure silk 3) one of 100% cotton 4) one of linen
  7. One cotton t-shirt, well wasdhed (see below)

The wool and silk should be washed by hand with neutral soap. the cotton, linen and king size sheet should be well washed in the washing machine twice, first with soap (no softener), cotton at 90° and linen at 40°, the second wash with sodium carbonate only (same temperature no soap no softener).

At the end of the course you will be given the recipes and reading list, and you will be able to take your beautiful eco-printed fabrics and personalized T-shirt home with you! If you are having trouble finding the wool and silk fabrics I can get them for you and you can pay me back.

Price of the course 395€ (25% discount on both fees if you bring a friend).